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Valuation and financial modeling


In a rapidly changing world of today’s global economy companies are getting more and more interested in transparent valuation of their businesses or specific assets. Some of the reasons for this are explained by the importance of making the right management decisions within the value creation process, financial and managerial reporting requirements and maximizing the effects and benefits from the M&A activity of the company. In order to be validly and consistently focused on key strategic and transactional issues management requires reliable sources of information and a professional and structured approach to analysis and interpretation of the available data.

Our company is ready to provide professional valuation support to our clients in the following areas:

  • Transaction support (mergers and acquisitions, buy-side and sell-side private equity transactions, DCF-modeling, Net Asset Value method, comparables analysis).
  • Equity or debt financing, investment support, fundraising
  • Litigation and arbitration support (representation of clients in state and third-party courts, enforcement of judgments and awards)

Valuation of a business model is not just about numbers. It requires the professionals to combine technical skills, practical valuation experience, understanding of key industry-specific value-drivers and attention to client interests and goals.

Our experienced team has completed a number of projects and provided services for a wide range of cross-sectorial companies which allows us to offer our clients the most professional, fast-driven and reliable valuation services.


Whether you need to evaluate new business ventures, upcoming transaction, create a flexible and scalable financial model for your own business we are here to support you with timely and efficient solutions for your internal and external purposes. Our financial modeling services include:

  • Business planning and valuation
  • Budgeting and reporting (profit and loss, Balance sheet, cash flows)
  • Management accounts
  • Capital structure analysis and optimization
  • Pricing analysis and benchmarking
  • Asset valuation
  • Working capital management
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Project financing, project bonds
  • Synergies assessment
  • Tax planning

Having a professionally structured and easy-to-use financial model of a company is critical to making informed financial and operational decisions. Our experience allows us not only to build a comprehensive financial model of almost any company from any industry from scratch but also perform rigorous check of a model that already exists for its completeness, accuracy and integrity.


Pavel Shadrin, Managing Partner


Pavel Shadrin

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