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As a combination of enforcement services together with a kind of surveying actions, we provide services of security trustee in Russia. 

Such trust arrangement can be structured prior to a deal (in this case we set up an onshore-offshore based corporate structure), or in case of default situation, post-closing – where we look at enforcement or restructuring of the relevant debt.

The security trustees are usually employed where a security is taken over real estate objects or over objects which in the Russian law are called “enterprise” or "asset complex". In certain cases a security trustee is employed for the purposes of holding a pledge over shares in holding or operating companies - this opens opportunity for taking control over book-keeping of shares register. Given the market specifics, foreign investors usually wish to ensure that the security object is duly monitored and overviewed. Depending on the security object, a list of required actions is negotiated and applies within the security period.

The main issue with cross-border structures here is an interplay of foreign and Russian law. For instance, the Russian law, unlike the Anglo-Saxon law systems, does not provide for a concept of trust. However, we offer solutions which provide enough comfort for foreign investors and allow full representation and protection of pledgee’s interests in Russia.


Andrey Polevoy, Managing Partner


Andrey Polevoy

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