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Ligerion is providing full coverage services to the banks, issuers, asset management companies and professional market operators in Russia. We are focused at assisting to capital markets participants at any stage – starting from set up of the vehicles, management, taxation and investments operations.

Most of capital markets team has a background working with the federal regulatory authorities in capital market in Russia. This enables us to deliver to our clients qualified and effective advice.

We provide services on issuance of bonds and shares, antitrust activities, information disclosure activities, preparation of information memorandums, preparation of necessary reports, and advocacy of the documentation with the Russian federal regulatory authorities. It is not seldom that the we are involved in the mitigation process regarding investors and minorities relations.

In the field of funds investing, we are rendering the following services: set up of Russian asset management companies (regulated), closed investment funds and open investment funds and other mutual and collective investment structures.

In the current financial turbulence, it is quite often that we are involved in the process of restructuring of public and private debts. In the context of Russian capital markets, it is very important that all the legal regulations are taken into consideration while the debts are restructured. Having an extended practice in debt recovery, Bankruptcy Procedures and investigation Ligerion provides a tailor-made solution for the client (investor or issuer) to meet its interests.

As a relatively new investment structure for Russia, securitization of assets has been enjoying a big deal of interest on the side of institutional investors. Ligerion is consulting the parties on securitization schemes employed in Russia and options on enforcement of claims under securitization model. Also, we assist the parties to restructure or roll-over the securitization arrangement.


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Maria Konopleva

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