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Our company has an extensive experience in refinancing broad range of corporates including small- to mid- as well as high-cap enterprises across different industries. In our practice we have faced a very diverse set of cases which allowed us to develop a unique solutions to quickly asses the client situation, prepare the client for refinancing and essentially close the deal in a very prompt and efficient manner.

When is it time to refinance?

Typically there are three main factors that may influence the company to refinance its debt:

  • Decrease in corporate loan interest rates
  • Improvements in company’s credit quality
  • Inability of the company to sustain current credit burden

These factors must be carefully analyzed together with the long-term goals and company development plans in order to make a well-informed and prudent decision.

Refinancing process with Ligerion Capital

The loan refinancing process is very straightforward and consists of three main stages:

1. Preparation

The company needs to review its balance sheet for loans, which are either difficult to maintain, or if there are indications (such as lower interest rates on the market or increased credit quality of the company) that the company might receive better terms on such loans. Then a set of standard documents should be prepared and submitted to us in order for us to proceed with the refinancing procedure.

2. We’ll contact you

Once the application is complete, we’ll take it from here. We’ll contact you by phone and email and our refinancing adviser shall discuss with you the goals of the refinancing, its potential structure and parameters, most likely lenders which might be interested in the proposed refinancing opportunity and of course shall guide you through the refinancing process.

3. Refinancing

At this stage we shall start the negotiations of the refinancing transaction with the banks and ultimately – proceed with its closing, which depending on the specifics of each transaction might take from several weeks to several months.


Andrey Polevoy, Managing Partner


Andrey Polevoy

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