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We see a huge potential in the growing Russian market as a possibility to mutual benefit of business and investors. We see our mission to connect people, ideas and capital to help companies grow.

We act both as investors and investment arranger. Acting standalone or in cooperation with investor partners we seek to find the most risk-adjusted opportunities and desired investment returns in early stage and operating business. By leveraging private equity sector and business initiative we accelerate and manage the innovative business pipeline.

We act external advisor for businesses at different investment stages. We are dedicated to serving and representing the interest of the private equity or venture capital in investment process in Russia. As external advisors to business we offer effective legal, structuring, marketing and other business solutions. Ligerion Legal and Ligerion Trade as part of Ligerion Group are involved in the process to serve the interests of the entrepreneurs and investors at all stages of business development.

We also see ourselves as market developers. We can see where business risks can be mitigated or where the capital’s interests can be addressed in the most effective manner. We strive for such business and corporate strategy which can boost the business to the high growth, operational performance and ultimately strong cash flow generation.


Andrey Polevoy, Managing Partner


Andrey Polevoy

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