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One of the key profile of Ligerion Capital is asset management and especially distressed asset management in Russia and CIS. The asset management services differ considerably depending whether the assets are in good standing or whether they are distressed.

Healthy asset management (which can be formalised as a corporate structure as a whole, separate objects as real estate, stock, public or private held debt instruments) requires tailor-made solution for each particular beneficiary. As opposed to the open mutual funds with a globally applied investment and management policy, we employ individual asset management solutions for every investor. Such process comprises of preparing an asset management strategy, justification to the asset conditions, monitoring, or, where necessary, surveying procedures.

Distressed asset management services are usually used with respect to the distressed debt (public or private), pre-insolvency or insolvency of the business, bankruptcy procedures. Ligerion has developed a many-sided system of measures to protect the interests of the investors and procure the efficiency of the asset or business itself. Such measures are adjusted to match the requirements of the investors on the one hand and to fit within the specifics of Russian market reality, administrative burdens and judicial situation.


Andrey Polevoy, Managing Partner


Andrey Polevoy

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