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Exports of timber is one of the priority areas of Ligerion Trade. We offer to our partners reliable services, reasonable prices and regular supplies of different kinds of wood. 

Our branches have all up-to-date equipment and production facilities, which enable to execute orders practically of any scope quickly and at a high quality level.    

Our company's personnel is highly qualified and well acquainted with all specific issues referring to foreign trade transactions. They will transparently execute any export transactions providing all necessary underlying documents.    

Ligerion Trade generally supplies timber all over the globe – to Europe, Asia and Middle East countries.  

We offer to our buyers a vast range of high quality products compliant to all technical and sanitary requirements. 

We offer to buy wholesale products:

  • Commercial soft- and hardwood; 
  • Soft- and hard wood boards; 
  • Timber for lumber mills;  
  • Wooden sticks, posts, supports; 
  • Wooden boards for scaffolds and platforms; 
  • Work pieces for euro pallets;
  • Trimmed and untrimmed boards; 
  • Industrial wood for furniture manufacturing; 
  • Surface board (floor board); 
  • Laminated log, untrimmed (blocks), trimmed, rounded log;
  • Linings;
  • Blockhouse and other timber. 

Ligerion Trade co-operates with many transportation companies. We deliver goods by road and by railroad. Furthermore, we also use container shipping by sea and river. 

All products offered for exports comply with European and international quality standards. Ligerion Group Company provides certificates for all supplied timber. 


Dmitry Berdnikov, Head of Ligerion Trade


Dmitry Berdnikov

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