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Russian economy ranks sixth globally among largest economies counting by gross domestic product on the basis of purchasing power parity (according to International Monetary Fund' 2010 and World Bank' 2009).

There are 9 time zones in Russia, which means Russian market operates for almost half of the world twenty-four hours day, or - to put it another way - at any time and place there is a Russian region which operates in a normal business hours. The population of Russia is around 142 million people. It is the ninth population in the world and can be measured as much as more than two populations of UK or as much as France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Australia taken all together.

Despite the numbers, the Russian economy is relatively new given its conversion to capitalistic in the early 90s and has a enormous potential for expansion.

The economical profile includes main sectors such as oil and gas, energy and industry sector. Due to the uprising trend of resources prices in the last years the other sectors of Russian economy have been boosting rapidly. In the last decade Russian economy has undergone an increase in GDP by approximately 90%. Given the large market space (both in geographical and population aspects) this opens tremendous growth opportunities.

Such tendency is fully observed in the main economy sectors in Russia: retail and FMCG, financial sector, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, IT services and products, telecom. These all have been considerably developed over the last decade and are in a big focus of main investors specialising at investments to Russia and CIS.

Ligerion Group is conducting activities aimed at beneficial market development:

  • providing capital to the business initiatives and
  • assisting business to expand across Russia and beyond.

Ligerion Trade offers effective tools to expand your business to the new fields without taking marketing, administrative, bureaucratic or customs burdens on your account. Please refer to the Ligerion Trade and Ligerion Capital sections to see how Ligerion can help your business to grow.


Dmitry Berdnikov, Head of Ligerion Trade


Dmitry Berdnikov

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