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Your business is seeking for new ways to promote your product or service?

Ligerion offers you a possibility to find new market opportunities in Russia and CIS region. We offer a ready-made effective solution to expand your business by marketing your product or service in Russia and CIS or, potentially, increase your sales in this region. Given that any new market requires a thouroughful analysis for the producer, we conduct a preliminary advisory work for our clients prior to trade in Russia. Ligerion has already been chosen as sales agents for companies from Western and Eastern Europe and Asian region.

What is required from you:

  • a product or service with a formal identity which is present in any region;
  • your willingness to expand your market to another region.

What is offered by Ligerion Business Solution team:


This scan indicates the potential for a particular business to expand to the Russian and CIS market. Our marketing team assesses the feasibility of commercialisation of the product and what legal regulations should be taken into consideration. The aim of this stage is to furnish you with information relating to possible business representation in Russia and CIS and subsequently to facilitate the establishment of initial trade contacts.


For every particular client we find tailor-made solution – from a standard business representation to a full fully fledged representative office which is functionally close to general corporate presence. In our proposal we indicate what will be the best representation strategy – what corporate presence level is required (from local telephone number to physical representative manager) what advertising or marketing communication will be required, what customer building schemes can be employed. Together with the strategy Ligerion covers a full set of corporate, legal and accommodation services – translation, adaptation, help in getting permits, certificates and insurance, Russian tax assistance, audit and accounting services.


We find the method which is market-oriented, i.e. effective for working with Russian environment. Sometimes we suggest to make a serious of matchmaking stages to fit the marketing and sales strategy to your business needs.

How does it work?

1. Information on product/service

You send us the information on your product/service with your comments and suggestions on how your product should be presented.

2. Market Scan

We perform a preliminary market scan to indicate the potential for your product in Russian and CIS region.

3. Offer

We prepare an offer for marketing and sales scheme feasible for your business and product in Russia and CIS.

4. Launch of sales in Russia and CIS

Following strategy approval, we launch the accepted marketing and sales scheme. We cover a full set of required corporate and legal services, including accounting, certifications, customs clearance, currency control issues, taxation, translations and accommodation.

Having a strong legal background, Ligerion has an extensive experience in dealing with and coordinating with Russian and CIS business entities. Ligerion commercial team works in cooperation with Ligerion Legal team to ensure the interest of our clients are fully protected. Our key legal expertise is protecting assets in Russia, investigations relating to asset transfers and enforcement procedures. This provides a valuable advantage to our clients: the relations with the Russian counteragents are usually subject to legal review and confirmation by Ligerion as Russian business and legal agent of the client.


Dmitry Berdnikov, Head of Ligerion Trade


Dmitry Berdnikov

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