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The Russian economy is usually seen as a market holding a huge potential for long-term development. Yet suppressed by financial turmoil conditions, we have been evidencing a massive growth of GDP and export turnover, business growth and large investments into Russian businesses and startups in the past years. This gives investors an opportunity to look positively at the potential which provides Russian market.

Oil and oil products, metals, coal, timber and energy connected resources are considered as a usual feature of Russian export and internal turnover. However, in the last decades IT and high-tech companies are taking significant steps towards earning their positions in the European and world economy. The key to that is a relatively low labor cost and “brain resource” which is regularly seen as advantage of Russian professionals.

When describing the difficulties a foreign client faces when participating in Russian business, we usually outline a significant level of corruption especially in the judicial and law enforcement sector, bureaucracy and cultural differences in business matters. Speaking generally, these issues can be well managed if paying due attention to them at the outset. Our clients have an advantage of having a local legal and management team in enforcing their business tasks and protecting their interest in Russian and CIS region.

Many strategic and venture investors look at investments to Russian as a grounded base for receiving substantial return on investments. That is why as one of the important tasks for investors is to structure their investments in long-run business or startup in Russia within a solid legal framework to provide comfortable balance of management, monitoring and protection.

One of Ligerion’s goals is to assist to make entrepreneurship in Russia more successful, to give deeper routes for foreign business participants, to link the investors to business opportunities. We assist businesses, strategic investors, venture capitalists, business angels, business counterparties, be it foreign or Russian, to make their commercial decisions work in the context of Russian market specifics and Russian legal system.


Andrey Polevoy, Managing Partner


Andrey Polevoy

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