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Advisory Board

Сергей Лебедев

Sergey Lebedev

Member of the Advisory Board

T +7 (499) 322 0123
E [email protected]

Mr. Lebedev’s key expertise is protection of interests or clients in state authorities, including law enforcement offices, government departments, military authorities and public prosecution offices.

Sergey Lebedev has held an office of United Nations organization viewer in the Middle East region protecting interest of the international community in this region. Mr. Lebedev acts as counsel to different media on issues pertaining to Russian state and military authorities and is usually invited as an expert to international and Russian public media, such as Russia Today, Voice of America and others.

Having a strong business background as CEO of large Russian pharmaceutical and medical service business, mr. Lebedev sees his role in guiding clients of Ligerion Group to successful business development.

Дмитрий Лукин

Dmitry Lukin

Member of the Advisory Board

T +7 (499) 322 0123 ext. 252
E [email protected]

As a member of the Supervisory Board Dmitry coordinates the work of the Investment Committee and matters related to launching of a private equity fund.

In the past Dmitry had been the vice-president of finance and investments in Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation, a company developing multi-billion infrastructure projects in Siberia and in the Russian Far East. Previously he worked as a director of the corporate center of Uralsib/Evolution group; as a managing director was responsible for all the activities of the Eastern Ventures Holdings - a top holding company with key stakes in Eldorado (USD 3 bln revenues in 2010), two large real estate companies, and other non-core assets in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan; was a member of McKinsey Corporate Finance Practice. Dmitry has 14 years of experience in finance and investments in Russia, Western Europe, and the United States.

Dmitry holds M.A. degree in Economics from Yale University and Ph.D. degree in Management from INSEAD. Since 2008 Dmitry has been a visiting professor at the New Economic School in Moscow where he teaches a course on private equity.

Андрей Полевой

Andrey Polevoy

Executive Member of the Advisory Board

T +7 (499) 322 0123 ext. 210
E [email protected]

Andrey Polevoy is a managing partner at Ligerion Group, Moscow in Legal and Trade divisions.

Prior to joining Ligerion, Mr. Polevoy was heading the management team in the leading Russian factoring company, where he was leading the anti-crisis project. Following that, Andrey was heading investment and trading activity of one of the Russian and Singapore based private equity foundation with a focus to commodities trading and project finance in the field of agricultural sector, natural resources exploration, real estate development and distressed assets management.

In his past experience, Andrey worked with Cliffоrd Chаnce, one of the world’s leading law firms. Being with Clifford Chance he developed its regional banking and finance practice focused on the emerging markets transactions and legislative regimes of Russia and the CIS. As a main scope of his work he was advising various banks and financial institutions in transactions relating to structured finance, syndicated lending, M&A finance, leveraged finance, advising on general aspects of data protection and confidentiality compliance in the banking sector.

Mr. Polevoy advised clients in Russia, Europe (with a focus on UK) and US on cross-border transactions, including lending and M&A, took part in various finance conferences with Russian and foreign credit institutions leading in consultations on Russian finance and corporate market.

Within Ligerion Andrey is dealing with structured legal transactions and litigation and is also covering Trade division activities.

Павел Шадрин

Pavel Shadrin

Executive Member of the Advisory Board

T +7 (499) 322 0123 ext. 212
E [email protected]

Pavel is a managing partner at Ligerion Group, Moscow in Trade and Capital divisions. He has a strong and diverse experience as a finance and investment professional with a solid private equity, M&A, venture capital and financial institution background.

Prior to joining Ligerion, Mr. Shadrin was with VTB Capital leading the Investment Management Structuring team in a number of venture capital, investment fund and joint venture transactions. During his practice he provided advice and solutions to both internal and external clients in structuring transactions relating to private equity and venture capital investments, project finance, structured products, onshore and offshore investment funds, mergers and acquisitions, debt and general corporate restructuring. Prior to that Pavel was leading private equity activities in a top Russian-based holding with core assets such as Eldorado and two real estate holdings with commercial and residential properties across Russia and in Europe.

Pavel has a strong backgroung in natural resources projects and relevant financing. Previously, he led several major natural resources M&A projects in administration of Gazprom.

In addition to functional expertise, at Ligerion Mr. Shadrin specializes in the following key industries: oil&gas, energy, real estate, retail, agriculture, IT and high-tech.

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